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Centrist. Black Lives Matter. That doesn’t mean other lives don’t matter.

Understanding why the judicial nominations are contentious

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Overview: Judicial Nomination Process

All justices and judges appointed to federal courts serve for life. They are nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate through a simple majority. The main reason for lifelong appointments is so that they can make decisions without any partisan pressure.

Particular Importance of Supreme Court Justices

In most developed countries where corruption in the judiciary is low, courts are a means of solving disputes, civil or criminal. In the United States, the Supreme Court has been involved multiple times as a method of circumventing the legislature. …

like lying about John Kasich, saying his abortion law require ‘vaginal probe’ on primetime news. Mind you Kasich is the the one decent men who endorsed Biden.

This kind of defending the nonsense on the left will create more and more trumps. I understand you write opinion pieces heavy on the left, but that is the poison that has created right wing rhetoric not just in the US but all across EU

Analyzing Bernie Sanders’ movement of half-truth

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The Medium audience loves Bernie Sanders and his progressive agenda so this article may not go well with many. I supported Obama in 2012, Clinton in 2016, Biden in 2020. On the hindsight, I wished Romney had won 2012 especially if I knew it would prevent Trump in 2016. But, nobody could’ve predicted the future at that time.

I am extremely appreciative of Bernie’s position on LGBT rights. He has stood for those rights long before it entered the political mainstream. When hearing him talk about free college and healthcare as a 17 year old college aspirant, I was all…

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A 2019 study by showed a huge difference in the salaries of tech employees between the United States and Canada. At my former workplace, American workers were systematically phased out and new employees were hired in Canada to fill the vacant positions. This had prompted me to further analyze the market and what I found was astonishing. Current trends indicate a high risk of job loss for American tech employees in the future. The following stats show the extent to which companies tend to save money by hiring Canadian tech employees instead of American employees

Overall Comparison of Salaries across America and Canada

A chart from CBRE…

Not Just Stacy Abrams, Reverend Warnock and Jon Ossof

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Quick Recap: Importance of Georgia Senate Seats

At the end of the election cycle, Joe Biden was declared the next president and the Senate was stuck at 50–48 with Republicans at 50 and Democrats at 48. The 2 seats in Georgia were crucial to enable Joe Biden pass his policies without having to deal with hurdles. In the 50–50 split Senate, the vice president breaks the tie vote.

There is always special thanks to Stacy Abrams for doing full groundwork and mobilizing people to vote. Apart from her, the two candidates — Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossof were able to put forward their objectives with absolute…

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A lot of conservatives like Dinesh D’Souza describe history to everyone as Lincoln, a Republican who ended slavery and Andrew Jackson, a Democrat who had championed slavery. While this statement in literal sense is true, there are many components to it that morph the reality of the current Republican Party.

Slavery ended in 1863, but Slaves weren’t free until 1964

While Lincoln was able to end slavery, the aftermath of the Emancipation Proclamation and Civil War was not what Lincoln would've intended. It caused the rise of the infamous Ku-Klux-Klan and various hate groups. …

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Understanding the -isms first

Have you noticed a trend in American politics for the last 50 years? Take these 3 statements I am making:

  1. Healthcare is a basic right and should be affordable for every citizen.
  2. Society should strive to make education affordable.
  3. Due to the pandemic, all stores mandate the use of a face mask.

For almost every Medium reader (even if you lean right), they would seem like reasonable statements. Now, it will surprise you of what a good percentage of America will respond to the 3 sentences. They would respond with the as a ‘one size fits all’ rebuttal:

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Growing up and living in parliamentary republics, it took me some time to wrap my head around the American system of elections. Canada and India have almost identical ways of electing their leaders, most of which is inspired by the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. Irrespective of political outcomes, I have come to terms with three main conclusions.

  1. Democracy is a compromise and the practical case for a 2 party system: It is very hard to find a candidate who checks all my boxes for the issues I would vote for. I prioritize my issues and need to come to…

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